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White Paper
White Paper
White Paper

Be sure to add appropriate and explicit trigger warnings if your content deals with or mentions sensitive issues like sexual assault, self harm, homophobia, etc.

Do not hate or spread dislike in any form or manner, harass anyone or write anything with any discriminatory connotations. 

Avoid pushing your beliefs or faith onto the reader; be empathetic to the audience. 

Do not make harsh generalisations about any groups or communities that might paint them in an antagonistic light.   

All entries must be in the form of Google Drive or Google Docs links, to be submitted in the form below.

Make sure the content of your piece conveys your viewpoint, perspective, or emotions about a topic rather than focusing on facts and figures.

Submission Guidelines

Please note your work might be subject to editing by the Pandora Editorial Board to allow for your piece to be more readable in case of any grammar inconsistencies hindering clarity (and only with the Writer's consent).

This is only under rare circumstances – a majority of Pandora's Diaries posts are unedited. 

Sample Entry - The Chopping Board

Diary Entry Submission 

Thanks for submitting!

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