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A Year of Perspectives

Celebrating one year of Political Pandora

24th December, 2021

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Messages from our mentors

Ms Manjula Shenoi

Principal - Senior School

Pathways World School, Aravali

Putting pen to paper is an art and this done with a purpose is indeed very commendable! This past year, you have brought forward many issues from across the globe and put forward thoughts and ideas with brilliance and in a meaningful manner.  


Keep this enthusiasm and continue to put pen to paper and write with conviction and intelligence! Great endeavor and commendations to the entire team

Ms Ila Pandey

IBDP Coordinator

Pathways World School, Aravali

The journey started a year back when a few Diploma students of Global Politics decided to give voice to their opinions through a publication. That is how Political Pandora came into existence. Since it is internet-based media platform, it can be accessed from anywhere. In no time the publication started creating success stories by getting contributions from across the globe. Having a viewership of more than 68 countries within the first year is commendable. I hope our newbies from DP Year 1 would take it further and the journey would continue.  


Many congratulations to Adi and entire team of Political Pandora for the initiative and its great success 

Mr Ashwani Parmar

Head of Department - Individuals & Societies

Pathways World School, Aravali

As we are celebrating the first anniversary of Political Pandora, I feel very proud and blessed when I look back at the journey and significant efforts that we all have made together. At this moment, I want you all to remember how enthusiastic and zestful we were when we first started the website. That feeling is irreplaceable, and anniversaries should be the day that ignite the spark in us. I believe we will do better in the coming years and take our political ideas and thoughts to a maximum number of people in the world.

Messages from the Pandora Editorial Board

Adi Roy

Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief & Head of Design

During one of our Global Politics lessons, when we were playing around with the idea of starting a student-led publication, somewhere I assumed the excitement would not last very long. The level of commitment required to run a publication was somewhat of a factor that held everyone back. However, just to experiment, we decided to give it a go. Little did I know, this would soon become something I was proud of.

"The Political Antelope", "The Apolitical Side" to even "Politica Conspectu"  — spending days fighting over the name to debating a presentable colour scheme, watching Pandora's growth over the past one year has been overwhelming. This has been an opportunity to work with different writers with powerful voices. Meeting and interacting with such brilliant talents from all walks of life is rewarding, to say the least.  


With its small but memorable achievements, Political Pandora's position today is a result of a small group of unique thinkers whose level of dedication and passion towards our shared goal is praiseworthy. It is gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary with a team of outstanding writers who continue to work hard and outshine themselves.


The perspectives of the youth is the foundational pillar that guides our work. As a small-scale publication, we have been fortunate to have had the support of writers and young thinkers with diverse opinions and ideas, who are always ready to take on a challenge.  


Completing one year is a special milestone. But this only serves as a reminder of the challenges ahead of us. 

Veda Rodewald

(Former) Head of News & Senior Editor

Political Pandora has very much become my home. Though we all work from different parts of the world, the creators and editorial board have all become a close knit community, working to provide insight into matters that need global attention. My journey at Pandora began in the most unexpected ways, and has given me the opportunity and space to grow into who I am. Having begun with no intention of sharing my work publicly, I have found so much strength in making my voice heard! 

I always believed in standing up for what is right, but was always hesitant of doing so on a public platform. Pandora’s goal of putting forth the voice of the youth, is truly the core of what we do, and never have I been part of a project that is truly interested in listening to what the youth has to say.  


There is so much I have learned through our global collaboration, and have a newfound respect for the time and effort our team puts into sustaining Pandora. The hours of planning, organisation and constant communication can be overwhelming at times, but never have I felt more supported and guided.

As Pandora completes one year, I would like to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who makes it possible for us to continue doing what we do. Whether it's our content creators, who put in endless hours of work to perfect a piece, or our viewers who read our pieces and give us the opportunity to make our perspective heard; Pandora would not be possible without each and every one of you. And finally, to the PED, who I like to believe has become a small family of its own, thank you, for the help, support and guidance. Thank you for giving me a place where I feel like I belong.  


Here’s to one year of perspectives – one year of Pandora!

Eshal Zahur

Head of Opinions

Political Pandora has served as an outlet for the youth’s political voice for a year now. As we have grown and expanded the types of work we create, I’ve gotten introduced to many new perspectives, as well as gotten the opportunity to read a variety of pieces about a lot of topics. Political Pandora has given me the motivation to formulate my own opinion on issues and express them to the whole world. Political Pandora gives young people a platform to publish their writing, and hone our skill set at the same time. 

Through collaboration, editing, and giving each other feedback on our work, we have all been able to grow our analytical and writing skills. Since Political Pandora gives you the opportunity to choose which topics to write about, I’ve had the freedom to talk about topics I’m passionate about. 

Thenthamizh SS

Co-founder & Head of Content

Under multiple layers of sensationalization, sale of polarization in the market of electoral politics, belittling and marginalizing different communities because Human Rights has its own terms and conditions, it’s become exponentially difficult to uncover the obfuscated truth and keep post-truth in check. Does truth even matter anymore? Do principles? Humanity?  


We decided it mattered. Journalism mattered. Our efforts matter.  


So, we began. Day after day, we planned, we organized, we gathered. Our organization was shaping up. We got up and made our voices heard. We try and let our voices sound through everyday. Same question again- does it matter? Wedged between a world of injustice and obtuse propaganda?  


We decided it mattered, again. Our voices matter. Your voices matter. And evidently, you, from over 68 countries, agree.  


We could not be more grateful to your perseverance in backing our journey, your journey, to everything that matters and giving your voice to make that matter.  


Thank you, dear community.

Thank you for an amazing one year!

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