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Feb 7, 20242 min
A lone boy on the metro - the paradox of my gender
Pandora's Diaries / Poem / A lone boy on the metro - the paradox of my gender
Jan 17, 20242 min
To My Grandma with Alzheimers
My Grandma with Alzheimers | Pandora's Diaries | Poem 
Mar 21, 20234 min
the first death.
it's difficult to parse all the varied ways i have come to hate this oppressive world. there are so many layers and intricacies to our suffe
Aug 21, 20225 min
The Farce of the Youth Voice
A thousand doors ago, when I was a lonely kid, in a house in the summertime with four garages, I lay on the lawn at night for as long as I c
Jun 27, 20221 min
Pronouns 101: Validating Gender Identities
A guide to pronouns and gender identities
Jun 25, 20221 min
what I will say on the phone
Pandora's Diaries: what I will say on the phone | By Anushka Roy
Mar 13, 20223 min
Nestlé: The evil corporation behind your everyday food
It started with multiple letters being sent through all possible internal whistleblowing channels highlighting food safety concerns.
Feb 11, 20223 min
New Zeniths for Fascism
Pandora's Diaries: New Zeniths for Fascism by Eshal Zahur
Dec 21, 20211 min
12:09 - A Winter Night
Pandora's Diaries: 12:09 - A Winter Night by Ada Sethi
Dec 20, 20212 min
A Blank White Wall
Pandora's Diaries: A Blank White Wall by Veda Rodewald
Nov 9, 20211 min
Guilt: A Siren
Pandora's Diaries: Guilt: A Siren (Poem by Ada Sethi)
Oct 23, 20212 min
Durga Climbs Into the Moon
Pandora's Diaries: Durga Climbs Into the Moon (Poem by Anushka Roy)
Oct 16, 20212 min
Closed Doors
There’s a door in my room, but I can never seem to open it. Locked, the handle nowhere to be found — day after day, all I can do is stare...
Oct 15, 20212 min
The Chopping Board
Countless years of misery spent inside a poorly insulated classroom, countless years spent waiting to escape a system of sludge and mush...

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