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Eshal (she/her) is a student of law at the National Law University Odisha, and the Head of Opinions at Political Pandora.


Head of Opinions


Apr 17, 202313 min
The Camera’s Gaze: Politics of Photography
Photography is always a deliberate act. One of including and excluding, of focusing and defocusing. Of picking and cropping, colouring, fix
Jun 24, 202218 min
Saffronisation: The Social Death of Indian Muslims
Every Muslim in India has their own backstory. Perhaps their grandfather’s neighbourhood got ransacked by Hindutva-affiliated militants, or
Jan 14, 202210 min
Space Race 2.0 & Other Plights of Extra-Terrestrial Billionaires
Human space exploration started around 64 years ago, on October 4, 1957, when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) launched...
Dec 3, 202111 min
Not Just a Pretty Face: A Deep Dive Into the Beauty Industry
The concept of “beauty products” has been around for thousands of years. From castor oil balm by ancient Egyptians to skin creams by the...
Nov 13, 202110 min
Disintegration of Democracy in Tunisia
For years, Tunisian fruit seller Mohammed Bouazizi would operate a fruit stand on the streets close to the Mediterranean beach, lamenting to
Aug 19, 20216 min
The Fall of Afghanistan
Just a month ago, intelligence agencies abroad began predicting a countdown until the inevitable rise of the Taliban, following the withdraw
Jul 28, 20217 min
Terrorism, Imperialism, and the Afghan Quagmire
Inarguably, while studying contemporary world history, one of the most notable events impacting global politics would be 9/11: the September
Jul 7, 202111 min
Geneva 2021: Ghosts of the Past Peering into the Future
Meeting in a Swiss villa, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin discuss the future of US-Russia relations. In 2018, the world was aghast as they
Jun 16, 202111 min
The Harrowing Threats of Vaccine Nationalism
A grim resource inequality in poor nations and glimpsing the road to worldwide COVID-19 vaccination. On April 27, 2021, Center for Disease

Eshal Zahur

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