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About Us

The political lenses of the youth 

Political Pandora emerged from a compelling need to unveil a perspective that remained hidden from the world's gaze – the vibrant and dynamic viewpoint of the youth. In a landscape dominated by news channels echoing the narratives of political parties or analytical viewpoints devoid of a human touch, we felt a pressing need to reshape the discourse. Our mission is to redefine the narrative, shedding light on the political spectrum through the lens of the youth, exploring the intricacies of government, systems, power dynamics, media, and the politics concealed within the folds of entertainment and climate.  


Unveiling a fresh perspective, our online platform endeavors to challenge conventional viewpoints on politics and socio-economic matters. By delving into the often disregarded aspects of critical issues, we aim to spark meaningful conversations. Our content is a reflection of our commitment to highlighting the daily realities of indigenous communities, amplifying the voices of the marginalized, and addressing environmental hazards. Join us in exploring the untold narratives that shape our world, fostering a more informed and empathetic discourse.  


For the world, by the youth, Political Pandora resonates with the curious pandora in the voices of tomorrow. 


Political Pandora is a youth-led news and opinions publication founded by Adi Roy and Thenthamizh SS in December 2020. The publication focuses on real-world news and political issues where young people from across the world share articles, expressing their opinions and thoughts. Political Pandora also serves as a platform for the simplification of news for the youth.

Political Pandora was initially launched on Instagram, with the official website launching on March 10, 2021. The founders started the publication during their junior year in high school in India. Started as a project, the publication quickly grew with interested contributors joining the publication from over nine countries.

Special Segments

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Judging the impact of culture and its influence on global issues and politics, in this segment, we will be evaluating  literature, art, fashion and more, from a political lens, to present to you the million ways in which politics manifests.

We believe politics is a facet present in every aspect of our lives and this segment aims to reflect that through Culture!

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Exploring socio-cultural and political issues through a creative lens, Pandora’s Diaries presents literary works of art, ranging from poetry, short stories, satirical essays, personal narratives, and other mediums of writing.  

The segment is inclusive to all, aiming to celebrate diversity, individuality, and self-expression.  

Pandora’s Diaries will provide an open forum to get your thoughts out into the world in new and experimental ways.  

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Inspired by the lacking participation in fighting the aggravating climate crisis across the world, and in many cases, irreversible damage caused to the environment by politicians globally, we introduce to you Pandora Climate!  

To amplify our impact, we urge you to stand with us, contribute to the cause and share the youth’s concerns.  

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This segment aims to shed light on ongoing current affairs on a weekly basis – “This week from around the world”. Keeping up with issues from around the world, the headlines offer the audience a brief insight into occurrences from different parts of the world, encouraging viewers to further research and learn about them.
The headlines are curated to highlight issues that are often undermined or overlooked by mainstream news agencies and social media, aiming to create awareness and initiate fruitful discourse.

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Pandora's Chronicles is a new segment of Political Pandora where we will be engaging in topics ranging from the history of Human Rights to Cultural Movements.

For this, we invite you to share your thoughts and views on such topics. We would also love to welcome your contributions for future posts!

An Instagram Exclusive

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 Extracting the politics and history out of the entertainment industry, we present to you Pandora Entertainment!

We live in a world that runs on the fuel of politics; understanding the various facets of everyday things from new angles is essential. In this segment, we will be discussing and investigating the politics behind the world of entertainment, providing new perspectives and ideas.

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The Pandora Editorial Board was recently featured and interviewed by the Mid Day newspaper, a national newspaper in India.

Look back at Pandora's One Year anniversary back in 2021!

From December 2021

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